Dear Angie Motshekga… And colleagues

First of all let me congratulate you on somehow being able to hold on to the position of Minister of Basic Education which I still believe you don’t deserve. How you do it, I might never know. Secondly I need to make it clear that I am not a member of any political party nor a member of any academic institution. I’m writing this as a concerned South African citizen and also as a worried parent. I am black so you and your colleagues won’t be able to pull the race card on me nor any political card for that matter. I am not a black for rent as I’ve made it clear countless times before how racist(one who loves his race so much) I am. I am constantly sickened by how my fellow black compatriots keep selling their own skin for a capital gain but that’s something for another time.

Now that we got that out of the way I would like to focus more on the point in hand, The Education System or more recently the Matric fraud and utter failure.

You might not be aware of this but you are the most important person in South Africa. You hold the most important title in the country. More important than the President, more important than defense or finance ministries. Yours is the heartbeat of this country and all the other departments feed, either directly or indirectly, from the work of your department. So if you fail in your portfolio all the other departments as well as the private sector will fail. The opposite is also true. A country like Japan came from collapse shortly after the second world war to become the third largest economic powerhouse in the world. All because of education. Not weapons, not tax, not by building their president a mansion nor by taking mines and farms by force. Just simple old fashioned education.

So by fully grasping the importance of what you do would you be able to see that a quick effective and radical transformation is needed in your department.

It is however possible that you are aware of the above but you have been ordered by your bosses to deliberately underperform. See I know the benefits of having an ignorant and illiterate constituency. Zuma would have never got away with the Scorpions, Waterkloof, Nkandla and all those other countless sagas in a country of literates like Germany or France. Mbeki and gang would have never survived the arms deal saga. Nor would you have escaped prosecution for the textbook debacle if you were under the Chinese goverment.

The more stupid people are the simpler they can be controlled. Look at apartheid with bantu education, look at slavery and how blacks were not allowed to read and write. Stupid uneducated people can be controlled by means of SASSA grants, E-tolls, RDPs and the likes. Uneducated people don’t question the history the goverment feeds them. Uneducated people will overlook the fact that a man who started a military wing of a movement dies painted the most peaceful man on earth. I know how a party like ANC can benefit from failing matrics and school dropouts.

But the country will never, I’ll repeat that, NEVER survive a nation of illiterates. See everything in the monetary system is interlocked. The more people fail and dropout the more unemployable the nation would be. And the more unemployable the people are the more poor they will be. And the more poor they are the more they will be inclined to commit crime. The more crime there is the less foreign investment the country will get. And the cycle will go back and forth until the people revolt and there starts xenophobia and a civil war.

How many countries need I make example of for you to see the truth? We are ranked 146th out of 148 countries when it comes to the quality of our education according to “Global Information Technology Report 2014”.

Now let’s get to the latest Department of Education fraud. 2014 Matric.

In 2003 we had 1,252,071 learners enrol at schools across the country according to Dept. Of Education… Last year only 668,660, of which its 55% of the number of people who started with grade one in 2003, made it to matric. According to Umalusi the national pass rate is 75.8%… Now if you take into consideration the numbers of people who were supposed to have been in matric last year, 1,252,071, you would actually see that the matric pass rate is a big fraud. The actual pass rate would be somewhere around the 40%s. Schools often encourage, directly and indirectly, poor performing learners to drop out of school so as to maintain a high pass rate. So along the way our school system sweep learners under the rug so that the you can stand next to a microphone and lie to the nation through your yellow teeth. What happened to the other 500,000+(45%) learners that were supposed to have matriculated last year? Well they either queeing for SASSA now or mugging, raping, killing and committing all kinds of criminal activities.

All for the sake of ANC’s fabricated “good story to tell”. R2.2 million paid for a stadium to celebrate mediocrity? Couldn’t that money be made available to schools to offer better career orientations and life courses to potential drop outs? Couldn’t the goverment spend R264million on providing assistance to parents on how to breed winners? Should we be celebrating an actual 45%± pass rate achieved through a 30% pass mark?

Minister I am your boss as a taxpayer and a constituent. So I am demanding that you put real value to my tax money and start doing your job properly. If I don’t pay tax, you will not get a salary. If I don’t exercise my voting rights you would not get that fancy office and title. As your employer I am giving you an ultimatum as I’m sure I speak for the rest of concerned South African citizens and parents. You have until the end of this year to make effective changes to avoid a class suit instituted by me and the rest of concerned parents. Get off you high horse and start earning your salary.

Sincerely yours,
Your Boss
Mogomotsi Sebaetse

Of-course I Said It